Month: June 2014

Beijing Olympic Park Observation Tower

Beijing Olympic Park Observation Tower, which should be completed this year.

This is one of four pictures I snapped with my Canon IXUS 980IS from a moving car.

Processing, which included increasing clarity and greatly decreasing both Vibrance and Saturation, was done with Photoshop Lightroom 5.5.


Bubbles in the Square

The girl with green block on her back is practicing her posture for inline skating. Yes, that is Shanshan holding Chong Chong.

Yet another image that I hope runs contrary to the “authoritarian government” label that is often used by Western media to described China.

Building and Sky

Yeah, I know, two pictures mean the title should be pluralized, but I just didn’t want to deal with it.

I’m kinda angry. We’ve had a month or so of fantastic summer weather… probably the best I’ve seen in the almost ten years or so I’ve been traveling to and living in Beijing, and I’ve not seen one mention of it in Western media.

Obviously, it hasn’t just been me posting pictures. Probably tens of millions of people in and around the Beijing area have posted pictures or mentioned the weather in hundreds of millions (or even billions) of posts on various social media platforms… the very same platforms that Western journalists so readily mine when they’ve got a negative story about Beijing (or China in general).

Obama as Chinese Warrior

President Obama as a Chinese Warrior.

Again, the advertising campaign isn’t to:

  • Promote the seeds of democracy
  • Highlight the power of America
  • Talk about the strength of the president

It is meant to do one thing… help Homa sell refrigerators.

There are many things that are talked about in the West… about how the Chinese government doesn’t like the US or how the Chinese government severely limits freedom.

One thing that strikes me is I think that President Obama is more respected overseas than by people whom he was elected to represent.