1. by recycling, do you mean people leave items there to be picked up by others to use? i agree with suey…a surreal quality at the same time it seems perfectly natural. i like that it is in b and w. why did you choose to shoot it in b and w?

    1. More a sorting area, where things are brought from other sorting areas. 🙂 I guess people could leave things there as well.

      As with all my photographs, I shot this one in color. When developing it in lightroom, I thought it would be better in B&W. Great being able to make that choice.

  2. Hi Robert,

    Would you approve Janis and I making a copy of one of your shots of the Great Wall to hang in our home? We love it as a study of form and light.

    We don’t feel right about making a copy without your permission, even though it may be in the public domain since it’s been posted to FB. Murky law so far as we understand.

    We’ve always enjoyed your photos, though your recent work is particularly impressive.

    Our best,

    Ned and Janis

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