Third Mutianyu

On Friday, I made my third trip to Mutianyu. This time, I went local and foreign colleagues.

In these photographs, I was trying to capture aspects of the Great Wall which I’d not previously shot. The three interior shots are from one of the guard towers along the wall. The outdoor shot shows the lush scenery and beautiful skies we had that day. (I think that the interior shots highlight the capabilities of both the Lumix DMC-GX7 and Lightroom 5.4.)

These and other pictures from my previous trips to Mutianyu are on flick here.


  1. really beautiful shots, Robert. That must be a fascinating place to visit.

  2. very interesting way to see the wall…makes me very aware of shapes and how the brick by brick building of the great wall. and, with this detail, then the large view as one looks out. wonderful combination of photos.

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