It’s About Milk

After looking closely at the side panel of the City Freight delivery truck, you might have questions such as:

  • Why the Cyrillic script and what does it mean?
  • Why is a foreign blond girl sitting next to a foreign dark haired and bearded man at a table with a woman whilst yet another foreigner –this time a woman– pours them something from a large pitcher?
  • Why is the woman dressed in a track suit whilst the two foreign females are dressed in strange clothing?
  • Where is this pastoral scene set?
  • Why is there a rectangular carton of locally produced milk on the table?

Well, to these –and any other questions you might have– all I’ll say is… it’s about milk.


  1. what a hilarious comment by suey! and your questions are a hoot too. where are the cows? you’d expect at least one looking on.

  2. Clearly it is a Tyrolian maid pouring Cherynoble milk for the american woman, the german baby, and the lebanese man. What made you wonder?

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