From the Square (3)

My third and final post in this series about the village square. This is Chong Chong playing with another infant of about the same age. I think this was the first time that they’d met. Chong Chong’s grandparents usually take him to the square during the week, with Shanshan and I taking him there on weekends and holidays.

It is an important part of the socialization that infants go through here. In addition, bonds are formed between the adults as well.


On a technical note, I would’ve preferred to do have this photograph in color. However, my iPhone 4 didn’t do a good job with the high level of contrast, and Chong Chong’s sleeves were really blown-out. I think going with black and white allowed me to salvage the picture a bit.


  1. I love reading all your post , but I must ask is his real name chong chong or is it a nick bane

    1. Thanks. Chong Chong is a nickname. One that he’ll be called at home and by friends. His official name is Su Shao Long. Su being the family name, and Shao Long being his given name. Shao Long means little dragon, or snake.

  2. The square sounds like a really wonderful thing to have. I loved the glimpses of people doing tai chi in the square. It looks like a real community gathering place. Much better than pre school!

  3. you certainly did save it by doing b and w. it also brings out the pattern on the ground in a beautiful way. and what a delightful photo of the babies and moms…the feeling makes me smile and warms my heart.

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