From the Square (2)

This is a short video I made when I took Chong Chong to the village square yesterday. These squares are an important part of life in Beijing, especially in the warmer months.

Weather permitting, Chong Chong goes to the square at least once a day (usually accompanied by his grandfather).


  1. Hi Suinyan,

    That’s a lovely video, thanks.

    I recognize the Tai Chi in the square, but what is that other dance that some are doing at the end of the video? Also, are there places specifically set aside for dogs in Beijing, or what is the general situation with dogs. I haven’t seen many in your photos other than Leo.


    1. Thank you. I’m not sure about the other dance. They do a lot of different styles set to a variety of music.

      I’m not aware of any specific dog parks, but they are certainly welcome in the squares.

      I think there has been a large increase in pet dogs since I move to Beijing. Quite a lot in my apartment community… ranging in size from chihuahuas up to an Afghan (who is very good friends with Leo).

  2. i’d love to see more of the activities in the square in stills and video as the weather warms. a wonderful world to be part of while taking chong chong and leo into the sunshine.

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