Month: May 2014

Wild Child

A toy motorcycle outside a store near my apartment complex. The exterior of the building was resurfaced in the last couple of years; it does not seem to be aging well.


BBC Pollution Bias

I took this picture a few hours ago as I was leaving work. Yet another beautiful summer day in Beijing. Blue skies, white clouds, low air pollution (currently at 50 AQI).

The Chinese government today announced plans to remove six million vehicles from the road by the end of the year that don’t meet exhaust emission standards (which, if you’ve not seen “An Inconvenient Truth”, are higher than those in the US).

So, instead of taking a picture today, the BBC used this:

You can see the BBC article here.

Third Mutianyu

On Friday, I made my third trip to Mutianyu. This time, I went local and foreign colleagues.

In these photographs, I was trying to capture aspects of the Great Wall which I’d not previously shot. The three interior shots are from one of the guard towers along the wall. The outdoor shot shows the lush scenery and beautiful skies we had that day. (I think that the interior shots highlight the capabilities of both the Lumix DMC-GX7 and Lightroom 5.4.)

These and other pictures from my previous trips to Mutianyu are on flick here.