1. you have a remarkably quick eye. and, i love the grandma with the full head of harpo marx hair as a surprising contrast to the grandpa and grandson’s inverse cuts. and the profile of the young man walking on the left of them. wonderful photo.

    by the way, is that v cut on the boy a style in beijing?

    1. I *almost* didn’t get it. I had my pocket SLR off and, well, in my pocket. They were all the were across the street and almost out of range. I zoomed as much as I could, and snapped. (The graininess of the photo is due to the large amount of cropping I had to do as well.)

      I’ve seen a few of these v-cuts around. Would say it was a bit thing, however.

  2. Only you, Robert, would catch that amazing detail fast enough to photograph it. Wonderful.

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