Chong Chong at Six Months

Chong Chong turned six months today. To celebrate, we went strawberry picking (outside of the Sixth Ring Road). On the way home, we stopped by Shanshan’s job.

The truck just arrived yesterday… makes me want to get my driver’s license(s)… both the regular one and the Class B license needed to drive this thing.


  1. fabulous big fat baby!! and a wonderful big truck—can’t imagine driving that.

    1. He has so got those chubby cheeks. I would love to drive that truck through the streets of Beijing. Oh my, the fun that I would have.

  2. is chong chong reaching for a strawberry in the first photo?

    and, i’m glad you have bought a very safe vehicle for taking him on journeys….just kidding. a great truck…terrific color.

    shanshan looks wonderful, as does chong chong. he looks at things very closely, doesn’t he…and thinks about them. that is what i see in his eyes in the photo. i went to the big resolution and enlarged it. i am so enjoying these every month photos and the changes they show in chong chong.

      1. i so look forward to holding him and looking through his eyes at the magical world he sees. it is so much fun looking forward to your photos.

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