Month: April 2014

A Seemingly Plausible Description

I’ve noticed the Convenient Hotel for at least the past six months. I’ve wanted to take a picture of it for just as long. However, I’ve usually been on the Badaling Expressway in a taxi, and either been going to fast or had the view obstructed by traffic.

But today’s taxi driver took a different route, which had us on a side street instead of the main highway.

Anyway, as we were about to pass, I cracked down my window, stuck my IXUS 980IS out the window, and then got this single shot.


Chong Chong at Six Months

Chong Chong turned six months today. To celebrate, we went strawberry picking (outside of the Sixth Ring Road). On the way home, we stopped by Shanshan’s job.

The truck just arrived yesterday… makes me want to get my driver’s license(s)… both the regular one and the Class B license needed to drive this thing.

Asphalt Roller

Yep, the repaving work in my neighborhood continues. 🙂

To give you an idea of the developing work done (with Lightroom), here’s the next photo in the series:

I’ve kept it at 240 x 320 so as not to distract too much from the previous shot. Clicking on either image brings you to an original on flickr.