A Bit Down the Street

I took this shot a bit down the street from the previous post.

I’d been trying to capture the building on the right for about a year, but wasn’t happy with the results until now.

The striped plastic on the left is covering-up part of a building under construction.

This is a composite of two photographs taken with my Lumix  DMC-GX7.

It is best viewed by looking at the original on flickr.. there’s a lot of detail in the photo.


  1. definitely important to look at this enlarged. so many patterns and broken patterns. and the colors are wonderful, especially because of the make shift clothesline that punctuates the pastel bedspreads, etc. against the greens of the buildings. the left hand striped plastic is so orderly compared to the wires and pipes. wonderful contrasts. i’d be curious why the other photos you have taken over the year (of this) didn’t work. always interesting, especially when it finally does work.

    1. Thanks.

      Cars or people in the shot. Wrong framing. Blur. Things like that.

      I’ll probably take another photo of it again.

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