Ice Fishing

Today has not been a good air day. Although we’ve had our share, today just wasn’t one of them.The AQI is at 377 right now (anything above 300 is considered hazardous), and I wouldn’t doubt it if it gets close to the 500 mark before the night is through… this being the last night of the lunar new year festivities (read fireworks galore) and all.

One extremely small upside is that it allowed for a wonderful reflection in the above shot. I actually didn’t see it when I took the picture. I was starting out wide as I zoomed in on the man ice fishing, which I thought was interesting enough by itself (himself?).



    1. Definitely.

      I take a lot of my shots from waist-level or when walking. Point the camera in the general direction, snap a few shots, and move on.

  1. He looks like one of those small figures in old Chinese paintings, and surrounded by the white and grey of modern Beijing makes for a fabulous contrast.

    David (aka Jelly Roll Justice)

    Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2014 11:53:35 +0000 To:

  2. i am finding, because your details are so important, that i really need to go to the enlargements of your photos. a world of interest in them. is he sitting almost where the ice becomes thin and then water? the power lines add rather than distract…not easy to do. a beautiful shot. and the reflections take one down into the water. really a special photo.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, he’s close to the edge (as Sue also mentioned). I cropped the picture a lot. The power lines used to be in the middle of it, which I thought would be distracting. At the top, I think they do add to the picture.

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