Forbidden City. Blue Skies. White Clouds.

This photo was also taken during my first trip to Beijing. I think the stones I photographed in the previous post were to the right of this pathway.

My friends and I were at the Forbidden City pretty early on a weekday morning, so there wasn’t a crowd (the photograph was taken at 10:30 am).

If you click on the photograph (which brings-up a larger version on flickr), you’ll see a man in a white shirt and beige jacket making a peace (or victory) sign with his left hand. You’ll see this a lot in pictures taken in China.

Oh, except for some minor tweaks to clarity, shadows, and contrast (with Lightroom 5.3), that is how the sky looked when I shot the picture. Yeah, we can get some really bad days here, but we can also get some beautiful ones as well.


  1. I visited Beijing for 5 days back in Oct 2008. The skies were blue, the air was crisp. It was the best weather I have ever had visiting China.

    I should post some pictures on my blog about my Beijing Trip to remind myself how beautiful the weather in Beijing can be.

  2. a terrific shot to enlarge…both the man but also the detail on the roof and building. so much information. and watching it unfold from the top down as it enlarged was magical…the red roof against the blue sky with the sculptures. works well as a distance shot and a close up.

  3. by enlarging as you suggested, i remembered how truly mind boggling the entire complex is and the remarkable sense of art and craft and architecture and nature and man fung shui par excellance

    David (aka Jelly Roll Justice)

    Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2014 12:23:51 +0000 To:

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