Into the Bend

I had a midday meeting in the Lido area of Beijing. Since the weather was absolutely beautiful (blue skies, wispy white clouds, and an AQI below 50) I decided to walk home along the Fourth Ring Road instead of trying to catch a cab. (Because of the Spring Festival, there just aren’t as many cabs on the road as usual.)

The above is a  photograph I shot along the way with my Lumix DMC-GX7. Although the attached 14-42 Zoom prevents me from using it as a pocket camera, the weight (body only, 420 g) is absolutely unobtrusive.


  1. beautiful. the curve of the canal and the movement of the clouds and the line of the trees work so well together to create a sense of peace. your new camera must be a pleasure to use. i read your link and am researching it. though, of course, you researched it up, down, backwards and sideways. keep us informed on how you like it.

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