ZH Song and Dance Club

Located not far from my apartment complex. I’ve walked by it numerous times, but haven’t had my D300/14 mm with me. Was tempted to come back again when I saw the small car parked in front, but decided it might add a bit of interesting contrast to the enormity of the building behind it. I really like the reflections in the black glass of the building, as well as the tinted glass of the car. (In Beijing, it is legal to have the front side windows tinted… probably because there isn’t as much risk of a police officer getting shot here during a traffic stop as there is in the states.)

I’ve never been inside of the club.


  1. doesn’t that look like some kind of mystery club! The masons or something–the mafia?

    1. You just had to lump the masons with the mafia, huh? 🙂

      ps… I’ve been a member of one of these orgs for quite a long time.

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