Day: 2014-01-2

NYE at the Beijing Hilton

We had New Year’s Eve dinner at the Beijing Hilton. Although NYE isn’t usually celebrated in mainland China with fireworks, some people use it as an opportunity for the family to have a special dinner together. That is the case with our family.

Shanshan’s father (baba) retired in July of last year, having turned 60, which is retirement age in China.

He had spent the last 21 years working for the company that managed the Beijing Hilton. (Earlier in his life, in accordance with the Down to the Countryside Movement, he spent eight years working in Heilongjiang… Shanshan’s mother [mama] spent seven years in Inner Mongolia under the same program.)

In any event, this was the first meal he’d had in the restaurant, and it turned-out very well. He met friends that he hadn’t seen since retirement (such as Boris Song, the Executive Pastry Chef, who ensured we were appropriately, well, stuffed). And, of course, both baba and mama greatly enjoyed showing-off Chongchong. 🙂

Here are seven pictures from the evening (yes, that last one is of a baby grand):