Another Face

Also taken inside the Round City at Behai Park.

Although Behai Park has many beautiful places to visit (take a look at the above wiki link), it often gets missed by tourists wanting to see some of Beijing‘s more famous attractions. Not that I’m complaining.



    1. China, as it currently is, has 55 ethnic minorities, many that look quite different than the Han majority. Even without that, there are differences in height/weight/diet amongst the Han that can be related to whether they are from the north (generally taller) or south (generally shorter).

      Also, China has 14 countries with which it shares borders… and that’s not to mention the trade (people) coming in and out of it via the silk road.

      The Chinese that Americans are most familiar with are southern who speak Cantonese. They really don’t give one and adequate view of the country’s demographics.

  1. Robert Happy New Year Americanstyle Note that the painting at Behai have black outlines (e.g., the face below). When Patti and I were living in Hong Kong, an Art Professor told us that if you were not paid for your work, i.e. an amateur, you did not make lined borders….if you were a full time professional painter, you did. Still do not know why that differentiation makes any sense.

    David (aka Jelly Roll Justice)

    Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2014 10:45:23 +0000 To:

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