The Milkman Cometh

Soon after our Yue Sao moved in, she set us up with a delivery of three bottles of yogurt and one bottle of milk every morning.

Put the empties out at night, and new ones are delivered by 7 am. (The box can be locked, but we so far haven’t done so.)

Some other services that we get in Beijing that aren’t typical in the States:

  • Banks open seven days a week (except for national holidays)
  • Mail delivered seven days a week (same as above)
  • Package deliveries well into the night

btw, the reference in the title to The Iceman Cometh is deliberate… Eugene O’Neill is my favorite playwright.


  1. I remember home milk delivery from the middle 1950s. In winter, the cream used to freeze and push the cap of the bottle up several incheas (this was before homoginzed milk).

    Re Eugene O’Neill: “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” is one of the greatest plays ever written, and captures a lot of the turbulence I experienced in my family in high school

    1. Agreed about LDJIN.

      The US could see so much more employment if we went back to providing these type of services.

      Also, I think the folks providing them might be more happy than other low-wage alternatives.

  2. Hicky keep the kick in the booze…..(Iceman Cometh) Believe it or not, before you were born and your mom was a child, all those services were expected in USA….except Sunday because of religious nuts. In fact, in the early 1900’s — before telephones were common — there were seven to nine mail delivers per day!

    David (aka Jelly Roll Justice)

    Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2013 13:08:31 +0000 To:

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