Month: December 2013

Tips for successfully brewing a pot of coffee

  1. Put water into the machine reservoir, and not into the filter
  2. Only pour water the reservoir once
  3. Empty previously used coffee grounds
  4. Remember to put coffee grounds into the filter
  5. Do not put unground beans into the filter
  6. Do not put grounds (or beans) into the reservoir
  7. Remember to close the coffee machine lid  before turning it on
  8. Remember to put the pitcher under the filter before turning the machine on
  9. Ensure that the coffee machine is plugged into an electrical outlet
  10. Do not forget to turn the coffee machine on

A Gua Sha Treatment

I had a wonderful deep-tissue back massage yesterday, followed by a not-unwonderful Gua Sha treatment. That is, unlike some previous treatments, it didn’t feel like someone had used a cheese-grater on my back, but instead more like 200 grit sandpaper.

That said, Ba Huo Guan (Cupping) is still my preference when it comes to such treatment.

Crude Steel Sculpture by Jean-Claude Farhi

A link to the plaque describing the piece, which was installed in 2008, is here.

An obituary for Jean-Claude Farhi, who died last year, is here.

Four Generations +

Had a great lunch today, with traditional and non-traditional Beijing food. We had four generations at the table, along with an uncle.

From left to right:

  • mama
  • yue sao
  • chong chong
  • laolao
  • laozu
  • shushu de nvpengyou
  • shushu

With baba behind the camera. 🙂