1. That fits as the family, but I think cockscomb/chi kuan is the actual name of the flower. Some interesting things from the web page I referenced:

    – Three forms were introduced into England from Asia in 1570.
    – In China the flower is called chi kuan, where it is extensively cultivated.
    – Celosia cristata is a common garden ornamental plant in China and other places.

    I’m adding a color picture of it shortly.

  2. From my friend Kathy Kingston who is a horticulturist: amaranth, seeds that don/t need to be hulled and beautiful flowers. foliage can be eaten too. an annual

  3. what color was it? the yellow or the red? it is wonderful and mysterious in black and white. i always like your black and white compositions.

  4. My first guess is that it’s some kind of amaranth- like Junchao’s cockscomb

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