Month: November 2013

Apartment Towers, Night

Apartment towers from a few different communities (all close to mine). Building styles varied dramatically depending upon the decade in which the community was constructed.

This is a composite of four shots taken at 9:30 last night with my D300/50 mm at f1.4 on a unipod, and then stitched together/tuned using Adobe Photoshop. ISO was 3200.

Grandparents and Child

The grandfather isn’t just holding the child. He has a, well, seatbelt on underneath his jacket. That is, a little seat that is attached to his body via a belt. (I plan to get one of these.)

I really liked how instep the grandparents were, and how the grandmother was holding the grandfather’s arm as he carried the baby.

I also liked how they were well outside the crosswalk, and the background action.

Such is life in Beijing.