Two weeks: quarantine interrupted

Two weeks into their month-long quarantine, our Yue Sao authorized a two-hour reprieve to wife and child so that they venture outdoors. Although it was a bright and beautiful day, calm conditions, and fairly good air quality, they were bundled tight against the cold and, especially, the wind.

The Yue Sao led the way, scouting-out optimal places for Chong Chong to get the right amount of sunlight and avoid possible gusts of wind.

Zachary Quinto, note that no glue was needed in the final picture.


  1. ah the photos I’ve been waiting for….so lovely. Fatten him up good…I want to see some chunky arms and legs in the new year! mazel gov!

  2. Wow Real baby takes a walk I am glad they got out

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  3. chong chong is one major contented baby. how lovely to awaken this morning in new mexico to see such a beautiful baby…and such a rested mom and happy yue sao. thanks for the photos, robert.

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