Day: 2013-10-19

Seven Days of Chong Chong

Chong Chong is a week old today. Here are some photos (in roughly chronological order) from day -1 until now.

Shanshan checking into the emergency room.

Checking into the maternity ward.

With mom and dad.

Where Shanshan spent her first night in the hospital.

Where I spent the same night.

Chong Chong brought out for viewing whilst Shanshan’s c-section was being finished-up.

A more proper presentation.

In a nurse’s arms.

In his car seat on the way home.

In his crib.

Leo exploring.

Being breastfead.

In the house right now

Name/Title Role/Description Species Sex
Yue Sao Master of the house Human Female
Ayi Cleaner of the house Human Female
Ma Shanshan’s mother Human Female
Shanshan My wife Human Female
Xiao Su Me Human Male
Chong Chong Our son Human Male
Leo Shih Tzu Canine Male
Xiao Mao White with patches of color Feline Male
Xiao Jian Brindle Feline Female