Month: October 2013

Splish Splash

Photographs of Chong Chong being bathed by our Yue Sao. Shanshan bought a small plastic tub that is set on the floor of our guest shower. The Yue Sao squats down to wash Chong Chong. She gently moves him back and forth by using her left hand under his neck and head. He seems totally relaxed in this small tub. (I don’t think he’s ever cried during a bath.)

Later, she will take him out, dry him off, and give him a massage.

Two weeks: quarantine interrupted

Two weeks into their month-long quarantine, our Yue Sao authorized a two-hour reprieve to wife and child so that they venture outdoors. Although it was a bright and beautiful day, calm conditions, and fairly good air quality, they were bundled tight against the cold and, especially, the wind.

The Yue Sao led the way, scouting-out optimal places for Chong Chong to get the right amount of sunlight and avoid possible gusts of wind.

Zachary Quinto, note that no glue was needed in the final picture.

Weddings Photos

I know the title seems a bit strange, but I think it is accurate. There were four different sets of photographers working at this site. I guess it must’ve been a special one. No, I don’t know where the bride for the last groom went. And, I don’t really if the couples knew each other or not.

There were bunches of couples around Chaoyang Park that day… wedding photos, especially in scenic locations, seem to be very big here.

You shall not pass!!!

It seems a common practice in some parts of China for a mother and her newborn child not to leave the house/apartment for at least thirty days after the child’s birth. Since the Yue Sao believes this to be the correct path, below is their impassable threshold for the next 23 days or so.

Shanshan has no problem with this. She is very good at entertaining herself, and the Yue Sao has quite a lot of good stories. And, of course, the parents come over fairly often to visit.

I’m not sure of the original intention, but I think this does make some sense:

  • Establishes a safe home space for the child (sound, touch, smell, etc)
  • Keep the child away from possible outside injury
  • Makes the child the mother’s focus of attention
  • Lets the mother rest (fully acknowledging that she’s still working)

Seven Days of Chong Chong

Chong Chong is a week old today. Here are some photos (in roughly chronological order) from day -1 until now.

Shanshan checking into the emergency room.

Checking into the maternity ward.

With mom and dad.

Where Shanshan spent her first night in the hospital.

Where I spent the same night.

Chong Chong brought out for viewing whilst Shanshan’s c-section was being finished-up.

A more proper presentation.

In a nurse’s arms.

In his car seat on the way home.

In his crib.

Leo exploring.

Being breastfead.

In the house right now

Name/Title Role/Description Species Sex
Yue Sao Master of the house Human Female
Ayi Cleaner of the house Human Female
Ma Shanshan’s mother Human Female
Shanshan My wife Human Female
Xiao Su Me Human Male
Chong Chong Our son Human Male
Leo Shih Tzu Canine Male
Xiao Mao White with patches of color Feline Male
Xiao Jian Brindle Feline Female