Day: 2013-09-11

Aunt Sadie

Benjy Stone is given the task to make sure that Alan Swann shows-up for a week’s worth of rehearsals prior to guest-starring in an upcoming episode of the King Kaiser show. When Benjy is talking on the phone to his mother (Belle Carroca) about this task, and why he cannot make it to dinner, Belle insists that he bring Alan along with him to Brooklyn.

When Benjy arrives, Uncle Morty opens the door and greets them (he lives upstairs on the sixth floor). Benjy asks if Aunt Sadie is also there. Uncle Morty replies that she isn’t, but will be.

A short while later, as Uncle Morty is bothering Alan for autographs, the door buzzer sounds. Benjy tells Uncle Morty to get it, since it is probably Aunt Sadie. He does, and Aunt Sadie waltzes in.

Belle:    Sadie, you look beautiful. What a lovely dress.
Sadie:   You like it? I only wore it once.

My Favorite Year

btw, definitely not to be confused with sister sadie.