Day: 2013-08-5

The Yue Sao (Cont)

We were scheduled to meet the Yue Sao at around 10 am yesterday. We received a call from her at around 9:30 that she was ten minutes away. I’d been reorganizing the house, and had really counted on having those few extra minutes. I somehow had a vision of Mary Poppins dropping-in for an unannounced inspection.

In any event, Shanshan and I went into high gear, and got the place somewhat organized.

When she arrived, she looked and acted exactly how I expected. I think a defining moment was when she and Shanshan were sitting on the couch talking. I brought in a chair from the dining room, and was placing it close to them so I could participate in the conversation, and she told me to sit. Which I did. Promptly.

The introductions out of the way, we went into the baby’s room so that the good which Shanshan had purchased could be examined and discussed.

Here are a couple of photos:

btw, even though Shanshan has purchased baby items during travels to the US, Japan, and Germany, most of them were manufactured in China. Because of (American) corporate greed, Chinese tariffs, and economies of scale, many of the items were incredibly expensive to purchase locally, or just simply not available (at least through legitimate avenues).

More about the adventure tomorrow.