Hair Saloon at the China Tibetology Research Center

The China Tibetology Research Center (Chinese: 中国藏学研究中心; Tibetan: ཀྲུང་གོའི་བོད་རིག་པ་ཞིབ་འཇུག་ལྟེ་གནས།) is an academic research organization in Beijing, China devoted to the study of Tibet (Tibetology). It studies all aspects of Tibet including subjects related to everyday life in Tibetan areas (economy, ecology, etc.).


  1. Nope. Not sure if haircuts are their primary specialty or even offered at all. I goto a Korean-owned place in Wudaokou called Hair Rodeo.

    You’re talking about Lama Temple. I’ll see if I can find some photos later… I’m primarily looking to post new ones for awhile.

    1. yes, lama temple…that’s what i meant. but, i also look forward to new photos, so i can wait for lama temple photos eventually. my remembrance of lama temple is of such a beautiful space…the floor and walls filled with story.

  2. have you had your hair done there? also, do you have any photos of that amazing ancient tibetan temple in beijing? i seem to remember you posting some quite a while back.

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