The Wife and (Shaved) Kids

I’ve had Leo shaved every summer that I’ve been in Beijing. For the last few years, primarily because of the wife’s influence, that cats have also been shaved. Saves us from the abundant amount of shed fur around the house, and the cats seem more comfortable as well.

In any event, I walked Leo down to the vets to get shaved on Friday morning. A couple hours later, I walked Xiao Mao down there (his claws firmly sunk into my chest as he watched the surroundings), and then took Leo back. Finally, I brought down Xiao Jian, who cried-out for most of the trip… she was definitely not a happy kitty.

btw, this is my first attempt at using Photoshop for anything other than combining photos. I’m not particularly happy with the outcome, but I think it is far better than folks gazing through an open bathroom and looking at our toilet. I resisted the temptation to do a Disney on Xiao Mao’s butt. He is, after all, a cat.


  1. Odd … I’m not seeing any photos … either in the email I get sent or in this blog post. Hmmmm …

  2. this reminds me of the dance photos you took. poetic in color and composition and in shanshan’s position. quite beautiful.

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