American Extravaganza

Presumably in honor of the July 4th holiday, the local (German-owned) Metro is having a USA Week, a veritable American Extravaganza, in which one can enjoy 15% off all USA-originated food articles. (Notice that the Chinese wordage on the sign advertises 85%. That is because folks here tend to think of the percentage of the total price versus percentage of discount.)


  1. I don’t know how easy it is to take pictures in stores, but I’d be interested in seeing a display. I have this unfounded idea that we don’t export that many things. I say unfounded because every time I search for “made in the USA items, I find something.

    1. I should be able to get some pictures tomorrow.

      American brands are held in high regard here. That said, I don’t think we’ve got the same penetration in the durable goods market as do German, Japanese, and Korean companies.

  2. fascinating: the 85% instead of the 15%. wow, we americans would be running through those doors if we saw that! i find it interesting the symbols used for america: our flag and the statue of liberty. what symbol do you think would best represent china in the u.s. of a.?

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