Day: 2013-07-3

Tree, Point Lobos

Taken –using a camera loaded with black and white film– during an outing with my dad to Point Lobos many years ago.

Leanne Cole has been doing some posts recently about photographers that influenced her… I wonder if folks could tell from this shot who might’ve influenced me?

As with previous older pictures I’ve posted here, the editing of the photograph is recent.

Kaká arriving in Beijing

When I went with my father-in-law to the airport on Monday to collect Shanshan from a ten-day trip to Germany, there was a crowd of people lined-up to great this guy called Kaká. I mean, the only football that I ever followed was American… and even that was mostly the 49ers during the Montana-era.

In any event, here are a couple photos that I snapped:

As usual, click on the pictures to see bigger versions at flickr.

btw, the wife had a great flight back.