Month: April 2013


I was walking down to meet Shanshan at the bus stop last Friday, when I was this san lun che loaded with wooden chairs. My initial reaction was, well, “beautiful”.

I think the photograph is just okay. Probably would’ve been better without the legs of the man the san lunch che driver is talking with, or without some of the background noise. But, well, it is what it is.

My friend Vivian recently left this comment:

It’s great! Robert, you see beauty all around you, and you make me look at everyday things in a different light!

which I think captures the essence of much of my photography.


Xi’an, Revisited (IV)

This is my fourth day of posting pictures from my three visits to Xi’an. The pictures are being posted in chronological order. Many of these haven’t been posted before. All have been reworked (using Lightroom and sometimes Photoshop) for these postings.

The first shot is of a vendor blowing hot sugar into a bull. I’ve got  a video of the process somewhere. Really quite amazing to watch. The second is of a bowl of Liangpi noodles (yum).

The third shot of soldiers in the terracotta army was taken with my 300 mm. Again, it is one of only three shots of the army that I’m including in this set.

The fourth is of some fancy dancers in the huge retail park that has been built adjacent to the site of the army.

Xi’an, Revisited (I)

I’ve been to Xi’an three times: October of 2007,  September of 2009, and May of 2010. In total, I’ve taken over 500 picture of the city, with Nikon D50, Nikon D300, and Canon IXUS 950 IS cameras. Over the next week, I’ll be posting four pictures a day of the shots I took that I think best captured the city, both in terms of its long history, as well as the people currently living or visiting there.

Most of the pictures were taken during the 2007 trip and with the Nikon D50. At five days, it was my longest visit to the city.

I’m only included three pictures of the Terracotta Army. I think the three are somewhat unique. And, well, I just wasn’t satisfied with a lot of the pictures I took at the pits, especially given how heavily photographed they’ve been.

Thanks to my Uncle David for the idea.

Note: I’ll probably be returning to Xi’an later this year. And, as with the previous three trips, it’ll be by soft-sleeper (overnight train).