1. Migrant workers can come from all over China. Mostly by train or even sleeper bus. I think most are too poor to drive by themselves. Because of their closeness (in many respects), I don’t think it’d be unusual from works on a job site (depending upon how large the job) to be from the village or even family.

  2. I’m with Judy here! And my questions are, ‘where do the migrant workers originate from (or are they like independent contractors)?’, ‘did he make that pretty walkway?’, ‘is he part of a team?’

  3. wonderful use of color and of shapes/line. so much said in one photo, seeing the van, the tent, the tools, then the man sitting and eating, i assume. would you ever want to do a photo story of the life of a migrant construction worker over a day? i am asking because, beside being a fine photo, it feels like an introduction to see more about what a migrant worker does. or would that feel too intrusive to you?

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