1. Did you read the banner? Rough translation: “Out of strength? Have a little salt. Out of faith? Have a piece of pizza.”

  2. Robs, wadduhyuh mean you’ve never been there? Ain’t that YOU in the center of the pic on that review website?!

  3. The more I look the more questions I have- top right, hidden by the round white sign: ‘Pizza Club’? or ‘Pizza & Sub[s]’?
    And of course, “What’s the food like there?”

    1. It is the TIny Salt Pizza Pub. For more information, take a look at the link at the top of the post. Nope, ever eaten there. From the review, however, seems like I might give it a try.

      And, it does certainly look tropical.

  4. phillip’s reaction is that it is like one of those fish food shacks down in louisiana. pizza? i wonder what the specials are on the chalk board…and whether the proprietor is from china via the south.

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