1. that’s great that you are open to what those of us who follow your blog might want to see in beijing. it is such an important city in such an important country for our times. i would love to see, every now and then, if you are comfortable with it, photos of people. i know that can be awkward. but, i have enjoyed those very much too when you have posted them…like the little girl dancing as her father photographs her. or the men playing a board game. seeing the buildings and what is happening with them and then the daily life of the people too is helpful for my eyes to grasp the china you know as you pass from point a to b.

  1. I love your photos. I admire your eye for the urban landscape, but so many of your photos make Beijing seem so cold and bleak. Is it just because it’s actually super cold there right now? Or is it by design, i.e. personal choice? Would love to here your thoughts on this. Thanks.

    1. Thanks! Beijing can be a bit cold and bleak this time of year, but I also am drawn to these types of subjects. I took more “pretty” photos of Beijing during my first year or so of living here, now I shoot mostly what I pass going between points a and b.

      There’s a huge transformation happening… mostly from areas that were (poorly) built during and after the Cultural Revolution to mega structures. I’m trying a bit to capture this.

      btw, I’m totally open to suggestions on what to capture… is there anything here that you are interested in seeing?

      1. Thanks for your response. I’m not sure that I have any suggestions. I wouldn’t want to tell an artist how to do his job. Just keep doing what you love to do, and I know it will be good.

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