Month: February 2013

Night Walk



North Fourth Ring Road

Taken from a pedestrian overpass at 7:22 pm yesterday. On an usual Friday at this time of night, it would have been packed. But, since this is Spring Festival, where millions of migrant workers and people who hail from places outside of Beijing go home to spend time with their families, the traffic in most areas of the cities becomes sparse.


Lunch with Nainai

During the past three Spring Festivals, my wife and I have gone to lunch with Nainai and others from my wife’s father’s side of the family at a branch of the Bian Yi Fang restaurant. This restaurant, known for their Beijing Roast Duck, was supposedly founded in 1419, although this branch is quite a bit newer than that… taking-up the entire fourth floor of the Glory Mall, conveniently located next to Nainai’s siheyuan. (That said, we would gladly have given-up some convenience to have had the Glory Mall located elsewhere, since it now sits where a fair amount of the hutong that surrounded Nainai’s siheyuan once was.)

In any event the food was delicious, the company fantastic, and I’m looking forward to going there again next year.