1. That was the main focus of the pictures. I’m glad you both saw it. Okay, one thing I’ve thought about is that many mannequins are probably made here for use elsewhere, so the price might be quite a lot cheaper. (Also, they might have been factory rejects.)

    In addition, there are plenty of caucasians used in advertising (both as mannequins and real-life actors). Skin lighteners (often sold by the same companies in the west selling tanning agents) are big business here as well.

    1. fascinating, robert. especially the the skin lighteners/tanning agents connection. aren’t we the strangest creature…wanting to be something else. i remember our scottish friends trying to get tan when they visited california and here. no way. they always ended up red.

  2. Was wondering the same thing … why are the mannequins white kids from the Beaver Cleaver days?

  3. did they get the mannequins on sale? why caucasian children wearing the traditional looking outfits? such darling clothes.

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