The Knife Sharpener’s Call

There are actually three parts to the call:

  • The knife sharpener live
  • Playing a pre-recorded part on a small bullhorn
  • Clanking of sharpening stones

Here’s the call on youtube:

And, here’s a better quality picture:



    1. I’ve watched a lot of Chinese movies (classic and otherwise) during my time here, but hadn’t watched this one until you mentioned it.

      First, yeah, the calls do sound a lot a like.

      Second, what an amazing movie. So much covered in it. It was also nice watching it with my wife, who has her own insights about it and some of the things that were happening in Beijing during the (long) period covered.

  1. whoops, those were the sharpening stones. you mention the bullhorn was prerecorded. do you have other recordings from your wanderings through beijing?

    1. Yep, the stones were at the end of the clip. Not so many recordings.. more comfortable with the camera at this point.

  2. what a great sound. absolutely wonderful. both his call and then the sound of the sharpening. and the photo. a whole story. i hope you do more sound images with your visual images, robert.

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