Woman on a Bicycle

This photograph captures many aspects of life in Beijing that I’ve seen:

  • Bicycle as transportation
  • No bicycle helmets
  • Protective wrapping/plastic kept on as long as possible
  • Disregard of traffic rules
  • Shoes that’ll be worn at the destination also worn during the commute
  • Face-mask for protection against pollutants
  • Large amount of collapsible bicycles

I also think that the number of men and women riding bicycles is pretty similar.


  1. Posted a reflective blog post on Beijing cycling in the 1980s just 5 minutes ago, then I found your blog.

    Small world.

    1. Indeed. I do remember the same type of feeling that you write about when I rode my electric bicycle for the first time in Beijing.

  2. a wonderful shot. she certainly isn’t concerned about all those cars. i remember, when i visited you, that, when i crossed a busy street, i just put myself in the midst of a group of beijingers and figured they knew just what they were doing. also, i liked the list that you appended with the photo. very informative.

    1. 🙂 There were a lot of new (and, by Chinese standards, very strict) traffic rules that came into effect this year.

      I’m not sure if any new regulations were placed on bicyclists/pedestrians, which are definitely part of the traffic problem here in Beijing.

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