Last Night’s Dinner

Shanshan and I tried a new restaurant last night. As we were leaving the house, I had the feeling that I should bring along the D300. Instead, I was stuck with my iPhone 4.



  1. French food. Bread, shrimp, escargot, mushroom soup, (this dish was shanshan’s i’d need to ask), beef with vegetables, duck breast, tiramisu, and crème brûlée.

  2. It’s official – I am now hungry and it’s more than an hour to my lunch break ☺

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  3. wow. what beautiful food. i bet they tasted as good as they look. i always think of perfectly done vegetables when i think of good chinese food and that brussels sprouts, snow peas dish looks beyond perfect. what is the green/yellow round dish (with little circles of something)? what a great meal.

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