Laker’s Pizza

Situated in a food alley across the street from the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), Laker’s Pizza has a gets a mix of Chinese and foreign patrons. They have hookahs, beer towers, telephones at every table so you can call other patrons,  a foosball table, a well-stocked bar, multiple television sets and, yes, pizza.

None of which I really care about.

What I like about the place is that they have pretty stable wifi, a good and cheap breakfast (available all day), fairly good service, will add hot water to my tea throughout the couple hours I spend there, a nice selection of music (except during Christmastime, when it was “The Little Drummer Boy” and such ilk on constant rotation), and a nice dive feel to it.

Oh, and things like this drawn on the walls.



  1. It is. There are a lot of folks from different countries who come here. You’ll see a wide assortment of graffiti on the walls.

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