Happy Holidays from the Beijing Roman Sunny Hotel

Yes, folks, this shot comes direct to you from the astounding Beijing Roman Sunny Hotel, which is located directly behind the Pegasus-topped statue/water-fountain thingy,  and  to one side of the tower complex in which the wife and I live.

Here’s a review of the hotel:


Although the description in the review leaves-out that the hotel now has a tea shop featuring large pictures of Jet Li drinking some of the products being sold, lemme just say that the review is perhaps, well, a bit, um, over-zealous. I’d probably give it two stars… and that’s compared against other Chinese-standard hotels.

In any event, if you’re short of cash and wanna come visit… they’ll be sure to leave a light on for you. maybe.

Happy Holidays!


  1. very funny, robert. what a strange juxtaposition of west and east…i also like the reflections of the lights on the sides of the cars.

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