Day: 2012-11-29

Manicure and Dancing

Anyway, I’m at the local beauty salon getting a manicure. Well, not really in the salon. It’s the street exit to the salon, which is on the second floor of the Wu Mei Hypermarket I mentioned yesterday, and a couple of couches have been setup there, along with a case on one of the walls with nail products, with a couple of girls stationed there to do your nails. The area is clean, the price is good, and it’s close. (It is wife approved as well.)

Okay, one more thing… this beauty salon isn’t directly accessible from the main entrance of Wu Mei, you need  to enter by first walking through a restaurant serving personal hot-pot meals. After awhile living here, you just accept such things.

In any event, I’m getting my nails did, and a lot of staff starts going out through the area in which I’m sitting (it being, after all, an exit). I figure, hey, must be time for a break or something.

As like most salons I’ve been to in Beijing, they’ve got dance-type/uptempo music going pretty loudly. But, then I start to hear other — almost competing — music. And, well, something that sounds like clapping and shouting.

So, I finish my manicure, go through the hot-pot restaurant, and onto the sky bridge that takes me across the street to my apartment. I look down, and see this:

I think it was some sort of team-building exercise. They must’ve been going for more than five minutes, and were quite good. (In the top-right of the photo, you can see the window of the shop opened with a speaker resting outside.)

So, there you have it… manicure and dancing.