Day: 2012-11-18

Escorting Durga

I left Kolkata on Immersion Day. These six photos show a statue of Durga as she is escorted to a river for immersion. I took them from the cab as I was heading to the airport.

I’ve got a couple photos left that I think are okay, and want to add some commentary at some point, but I’m going to end my regular posts about the week I spent in Kolkata for awhile.

The next post will have something to do about my home in Beijing.

We Want exemplary Punishment

I saw this flyer in a doorway next to the foundation stone of the University College of Medicine, Calcutta University.

It reads:

We Want  exemplary Punishment to
alleged TMCP leaders in the incident
of rape case at Asansol
All India DSO

If you’re not familiar with the case (I certainly wasn’t) here are some links: