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  1. Dear Robert Remember that I warned you when you started posting pictures that I would take great pleasure in looking at them but would not be emailing responses. From the beginning I have maintained that because I take them as special gifts — and like the best of gifts given from the creative heart, they are offered by you freely and without obligation. We honor the generosity in sharing them and absorb them fully, believe me. We are truly impressed with your photos of Calcutta (sorry, we still live in the past sometimes) — and much of them have taken us back to our time there. It is clear that you were able to absorb the cacophony of music, horns and sounds of millions of people just doing their things and capture a big piece of that rich culture on film. This is no easy accomplishment — and it is clear that you “get” India. Many of the pictures remind us of our time there and how little has changed, albeit the change too is apparent. For example, when we were in Kolkata the “pavillions” for Durga Puja were small makeshift shacks along the river that housed some of the statues. So your pictures below were totally unexpected. Thank you, thank you and please know that if we do not respond that does not reflect any measure of how much we examine and greatly enjoy your work with the camera. Bravo!! and Love, David and Patti

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