Day: 2012-11-5

Arches and Barbed Wire

Here’s one of the pictures I was taking when the lone bicyclist in the previous posting was looking at me.

I really like the composition of the shot… multiple layers of arches, the colors of brick and dirt, and the barbed wires.

Solitary Bicyclist

I didn’t do that much sightseeing whilst in Kolkata, but what I did do is go on a series of long walks, each time traveling farther away from the compound of the Taj Bengal Kolkata. On the way back from one such walk, I noticed this cyclist looking back at me… I think both the infrequency of seeing a foreigner¬†and the what I was photographing at the time (red bricks with barbed wire, which I’ll post later).

In any event, after he passed, I took this shot.