Day: 2012-11-4


Today, it is snowing in Beijing, and there are Hopi Katchina dolls from Kykotsmovi Village,  in my apartment.

I think about the possibility of working with children on the res, asking where they think a Katchina doll might want to visit… where they themselves might to visit in Beijing, and then taking the dolls to see the sights. Not as some gnome or prop or other thing, but to actually see and for the spirits that of the Katchinas that the dolls they represent to feel. Or, perhaps work with people on the reservation to build stories around them. Because, although my step-father in half-Hopi, and my mom and he lived on the reservation for over 12 years, and I have four really good books to read about the dolls, I still don’t much understand the culture… and I’d want to do any project like this, well, right.

But, for today, it is snowing in Beijing, and there are Hopi Katchina dolls from Kykotsmovi Village,  in my apartment.