1. Yes, all these photos were taken in Kolkata. Underneath the title of the post there’s a “Posted in:”

      In addition, you can click on India under Categories on the right-hand side of the screen to single these ones out. I’ll probably start posting some Chinese photos again soon, and this is an easy way to differentiate them.

  1. hi honey,

    again, i am so struck by how you have picked out the individuals in the mass of humanity that is india. you have such a strong, good eye.

    i tried to find “comment” on the wordpress but couldn’t. it was there last time. since, i like to comment on your blog. i just hit “like” instead.

    it was very good talking with you last night. and, i hope your optometry appt. went very well and you’ll have your glasses soon.



    1. This did come across as a comment. I’ll have to take another look at how it works. Yes, there are spaces for people to have some relative isolation… such as in my next picture.

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