Day: 2012-09-1

The Green Shirts

Usually when I goto Jin Wu Xing, I stick to the hundreds (perhaps thousands) of stalls in the main area. Pretty much everything I need to find is located inside there. However, some more custom items, like the metal sheet I bought today, require venturing out into the long columns of  the more industrial shops outside of the main complex.

Many of these shops are staffed by young men and women in green shirts. In the bottom two photos, the workers are cutting the metal sheet to my specifications. In the top photo, a young woman in black heels and a short black skirt is using a grinder for a project that was absolutely, without question, totally unrelated to mine.

I’ve very seldom seen eye and ear protection used for this type of work. As someone who is a strong believer in the use of safety goggles –and has tinnitus from learning the hard way about not using earplugs and headsets — I’m very concerned about adverse affects of such daily exposure.