PSA: Not a Barber Shop

Since I know that many folks reading this blog have never been to Beijing, and might in time visit this wonderful city, today is a public service announcement that this place is not a barber shop. Or, to put it another way, if one were to get their haircut at this place — and ones with similar, umh, poles — they would be unpleased with the results.

For information about the services that are offered here, see falangmei at this link.


  1. Lol, and how did you find out that it’s not actually a barber shop? I hope you didn’t learn that in an embarrassing way. Actually, this is kind of popular in China, not only Beijing, “barber shops”, “massage center”, “majong gambling rooms”, and even some restaurants also offer these kind of special services. Hair cutting is just their part time job. Life is tough to survive in BJ.

    1. Nope, I didn’t find-out an embarrassing way. Didn’t even need to go into this one… kinda obvious from how the women inside dressed and acted. I’ve heard that this type of thing is popular throughout China. Also, when I was in Pyongyang, there was a basement floor with gambling and a massage parlor that was primarily used by Chinese tourists… no Koreans allowed.

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