Big Gold Hotel

There’s a big gold hotel that is under construction on the other side of the Fourth Ring Road. One of the signs outside the construction site proclaims “Made in China”. There is also a huge shopping area being built around it. Construction was going at a furious clip for awhile, but has slowed-down in recent months. I’ll not a fan of this type of construction. (I was going to develop the first photograph in black and white, but left it in color because of a request from Karen for more color.)


  1. Most new buildings in Beijing are built on such a grand scale. They should have spent more money to hire a better architect. And make it an Eco-friendly building.

    1. I agree with you. It also seems that many buildings are constructed very fast, and then fall apart due to poor building techniques and lack of adequate preventative maintenance.

      1. It’s like my husband says about the dirty bathrooms in Shanghai. There is a bathroom attendent on duty all the time and yet it smells and is pretty dirty. But the attendents are paid poorly, and they are given inadequate cleaning equipment and cheap cleaning fluids.

    1. My wife and I looked at a couple places in the housing complex next to it before buying our apartment. I’m glad we didn’t move next to it. It is an eyesore.

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